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Current Participants

One-Week Information Collection Period

First Four-week Probiotic or Placebo Phase

Instructions on taking the Probiotic and Placebo Powder!


To take the probiotic or placebo powder, your child should open the packet, tilt his/her head back, and pour the powder onto his/her tongue. He/she should then drink some milk (a half cup or more). Another option is to take the powder by mixing it with a small amount of ice cream. Try to give your child the probiotic/placebo at approximately the same time each day.

Four-week Washout Phase

Second Four-week Probiotic or Placebo Phase

Below you will find the links (in "red") to all of the information needed throughout the entire study period. Click on the link to be directed to that page.

For questions and inquiries please contact us at probiotickids@gmail.com

Child Study